International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians - ITFR

International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians (ITFR)

1:st Midnight Sun Tennis Tournament

Finnish Open Championship

in Raahe , Finland

19.6.2010 - 20.6.2010

 Place:   Koivuluoto, Raahe, Finland

Social project: Polio Plus Program

       Tournament director: Esa Muuruvirta Send E-Mail


 Rotary Tennis Singles and Doubles Tournament

All rotarians and their families are invited

Please fill this form to register and send it to Tournament director

The rules of this competition


You get more details and the schedule from Tournament director

The funds raised on this event will go to the Polio Plus program .

You are most welcome


Organizing club: Pietari Brahe

The city of Raahe

Tennis Hotel Tiiranlinna



Nelinpelin finalistit.

Kaksinpelien semifinalistit.

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Puoliso Hilkan kämmenlyönti.

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