Left to right: Rotarian Team Leader Doug Byers (Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise), Lynne Malandrino, Jacqueline Klein, DG Bill Patchett, Jennifer McConnachie, Samantha Tiongson (alternate) and Bradley Owens


The team is comprised on Lynn Malandrino, a elementary vice-principal with the Durham Board of Education, Jacqueline Klein, a senior communications analysis with Morneau Sobeco,  Jennifer McConnachie, a cardiovascular surgical nurse with United Health Network in Toronto and Bradley Ownes, an IT Project Manager with Bell Canada. The team alternate, Samantha Tiongson, a Toronto Rotaractor, is a human resources specialist and administrator with a Toronto mining company.






Saturday 5th of May, 2007

      Arrive at Oulu Airport

      Host families will collect team members

      Evening is free with host families

Sunday 6th of May, 2007

      Morning with host families

      12:00 Traffic park project of Raahe Rotary Clubs

      13:00 Lunch at Raahe Hospital

      17:00 Evening get together at the Honkala’s, guests and hosts 

Monday 7th of May, 2007

        9:00 Raahe City Council

      11:00 Lunch

      12:00 Old Pharmacy followed by Seafaring museum

      16:30 Nature trip to Hummastinjärvi with traditional Finnish Fare + games

                           Sauna evening in Olkijoki

Tuesday 8th of May, 2007

      12:00 Lunch at Ruukki Steel Factory

      Tour in the factory

      Evening is free

Wednesday 9th of May, 2007

      9:00 » 15:00 Individual programmes:

      Doug Byers and Lynne Malandrino:     Schools and School Administration

      Jennifer  McConnachie:                          Raahe Hospital

      Jacqueline Klein:                                     Raahe District Development Centre

      Bradley Owens:                                       IT Companies in Technopolis

      17:15  Rotary Club meeting, Raahe Rotary Club and Pietari Brahe Rotary Club

Thursday 10th of May, 2007

8:30 Transport to Oulainen,

Local Rotarians will meet the group in Town Hall at 10:00




Douglas Byers: Marja-Leena and Risto Korva

Lynne Malandrino: Päivi and Dave Bradburn

Jennifer McConnachie: Nonna and  Esa Muuruvirta

Bradley Owens: Hilkka and Leo Ilkko

Jacqueline Klein: Tuula and Leo Aho